Why did they kill Mohammadi?

Business Week: “An Iranian physicist was killed today by a remote-controlled bomb outside his Tehran home.”

First some comments about the hit. Obviously the CIA has no style. Ok, so they thought: Middle East country, terorrism, boom bada boom etc. etc. So how do we kill this guy? We blow him up, it will fit perfectly in this place. I just really do not like this kind of rudimentary thinking. Even a sniper shooting would have looked less conspicuous.

What I am wondering however is: who are they trying to fool? The Western public? I’m sure most of them would actually approve such a hit in the name of quieting their anxiety about Iran’s nuclear weapons. What the hell? I think most Americans are buying this anti-terorrism shit with their mouths full so hard that they are willing to close their eyes to just about anything just so they can sleep one more night under the illusion of safety.

The cover up is not so bad but still not perfect. But that’s not their fault. They just haven’t succeeded in owning all the media yet. But all in due time. So, on the one hand this guy was supposedly associated with the Iranian opposition movement. Not bad, making it look like the Iranians did it themselves. But that just doesn’t work very well because the Iranian government declared him some kind of revolutionary martyr, and that just blows everything up.

Another nice touch was the mentioning that he had some contacts with Israeli scientists. So how could they have killed him? He was a friend of Israel! Yeah right. The man simply was an outstanding scientist and participated in some international programs. But bringing this up might mix things up a little and that is enough.

Where they really blew it was a pro-monarchy group claiming responsibility for the attack and then denying it. What on earth are you sponsoring those guys for??? That’s just wasted money, I tell you what. That’s where the budget holes come from!

Nevertheless, the most interesting question for me is: what was Mohammadi actually doing? Was he really a nuclear physicist?  Charles Ferguson, head of the science federation and a U.S. Navy-trained nuclear engineer took a look over his work and said: “There is nothing that immediately pops out at me of a nuclear or even a peaceful nuclear program application. This is stuff that Einstein worked on. It’s very, very specialized theoretical work.”

That’s very interesting. Apparently he wasn’t even in the nuclear weapons program. He was an Einstein type of scientist who, according to British scientists was actually an expert in quantum mechanics. So was he actually involved in something even more dangerous than nuclear weapons? That’s a very interesting possibility, I say. A very interesting one, indeed.


Next target: Yemen

The American Public:

“-Give me one good reason why we should invade Yemen!”

The American Government:

“- A guy from Nigeria blew up his pants on Christmas, which is very antichristian and antidemocratic, and we made you believe he has something to do with Al Qaeda. And Yemen is a Muslim country and they are all terrorists anyway.”

The American Public:

“-Err… Ok, that’s good enough for me. Let’s blow them all up! Yuppy! Fun! Wait! Where the hell is Yemen dude…? Err…”


Now, seriously, the American army needs to train somewhere. And Yemen is just sitting there doing nothing anyway. Why not.


Avatar is just a terribly bad movie. I like the idea though.

Yep, we have entertainment tonight. Ok, so it’s obvious that this movie is bullshit. If it is not obvious, I have nothing more to say to you.

For me movies are just a matter of “buying it”. It’s not about being sci fi or not. Take for example Troy. A reality pretty remote from ours. Nevertheless, I’m buying it. I really felt like watching Achilles and Hector and the ancient world. Or Matrix. But the Avatar… I’m just not buying it.

I really don’t know what makes a movie buyable. Maybe the actors really believing what they were acting. Or maybe the story being true. Not necessarily true in the factual sense but more in a mythological sense. Of course, for the modern world, myths are basically not true. But for me they have more truth than the “real” world. Maybe this is why some movies become cult movies and some will be forgotten next month.

Anyway, I really wanted to make some points and I have to grant this movie the merit of at least bringing the idea of Avatar into discussion, although in such a horribly distorted way.

Yes, an Avatar is indeed an incarnation. But of Vishnu, the Supreme God. Not of a fucked up marine. Yes, I know that for Americans, marines are supreme gods but nevertheless.

Now, seriously, if the hindus would not be so wise and tolerant, this would be actually blasphemious. To say that the idea of an ordinary man taking another body has anything to do with the doctrine of the Avatara, is just stupid. But for the American public these are just details. I seriously wonder how many will even ask themselves what this word means.

Ok, maybe a few will think: yes, Avatar, incarnation of Vishnu, right… But what does that actually mean? It means that from time to time God takes a human form and mingles with us. Maybe in order to make a dramatical change in the world. Or maybe just in order to feel what it is really like to be human. Or to have fun. Or to suffer. It’s the same thing as God being Christ. Now, that’s an Avatar!


Al Qa… What???

CNN: “In a marked shift from previous positions, senior Obama administration officials now say they are starting to see an al Qaeda connection to the attempted terror attack on a U.S.-bound airliner.”

SO AL QAEDA? This guy was Al Queda? The same Al Queda which organized an operation such as 911? The same Al Queda, the leader of which could not be caught even by the army and secret services of the most powerful state on earth? I don’t know man, I had more respect for Al Qaeda. This guy could not even blow his pants.

Farouk, you’re a disgrace to the Al Qaeda and to terrorism in general. Yes, and I hope you will remember that the next time those nice CIA agents men sacrifice their time trying to teach you something. Or maybe it was just supposed to be a Christmas scare. Oh, those Al CIAda guys really make me go  up the wall with their psycholology g0ing on there. I don’t know even conceive how to deal with something like that. Oh man… Oh, wow…


Is CNN a brainwasher or what

Take a quick look at the CNN site. Right in the middle you see a big column with a big picture with the BIG BULLSHIT NEWS: cloned puppies, Facebook, celebrities. On the left side you see a small column with a small picture with the reallly important news: Senate passes health care reform bill, Ahmadinejad pressed on protests etc.

Ok, maybe not everyone is obsessed with politics, like me, you will say, but isn’t this layout just calling you stupid to your face, for crying out loud?! Isn’t this layout just saying: yeah, this is what the American public wants?! Is it? Really?

Let’s take the case of a young democracy like let’s say… Romania for example. Take any of the major news sites such as: Mediafax or HotNews. What do you see? The important stuff right in your face. For the bullshit you have to dig deeper.

So am I saying that Romania is great and America sucks? No. I’m saying that even the fucked up corrupted media in Romania is better than the fucking CNN. Even the fucked up media in Romania has more respect for the viewer’s intelligence than the CNN. Amen.


Someone at BBC must really love Romania

Yep, the 22th of December, 20 years have passed since the Romanian Revolution of 1989. It is probably the day when Romania gets the most coverage in international press. Usually, you would expect people to say something nice on such an occasion.

But no, the BBC just could not help it. They had to remind the world of the ORPHANS, the DISABLED etc. etc. who are mistreated in Romanian hospitals. Ok, I’m not saying that such things do not exist. But the truth is that no way in hell is the situation in orphanages and hospitals any way close to the way it was in 1989. Even with all the problems and the lack of resources, the Romanian health system is actually great when compared to the way it was. Ok, it’s not Vienna, but it’s not Somalia either. But if you really want to find dirt and know how to dig, you can always find it, that is for sure.

Anyway, not the attention given to the health situation is my concern, I actually welcome such criticism, which can put pressure on the government. What I really dislike is the timing, this date. It’s like on the 4th of July, the international press would start to dig out the ugliest trash about the US for example. It’s really just not nice.


It seems that the New York Times also has Romania on its black list. I wonder if they approve my comment. Hmm…

Updated Update

I found a great article on Huffington Post. Ok, so not all Americans are brainwashed. Thank God!

No, really, I feel like a spoilt child. The article is just beautiful and I almost feel like forgiving the Americans all their sins. Almost…

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