Someone at BBC must really love Romania

Yep, the 22th of December, 20 years have passed since the Romanian Revolution of 1989. It is probably the day when Romania gets the most coverage in international press. Usually, you would expect people to say something nice on such an occasion.

But no, the BBC just could not help it. They had to remind the world of the ORPHANS, the DISABLED etc. etc. who are mistreated in Romanian hospitals. Ok, I’m not saying that such things do not exist. But the truth is that no way in hell is the situation in orphanages and hospitals any way close to the way it was in 1989. Even with all the problems and the lack of resources, the Romanian health system is actually great when compared to the way it was. Ok, it’s not Vienna, but it’s not Somalia either. But if you really want to find dirt and know how to dig, you can always find it, that is for sure.

Anyway, not the attention given to the health situation is my concern, I actually welcome such criticism, which can put pressure on the government. What I really dislike is the timing, this date. It’s like on the 4th of July, the international press would start to dig out the ugliest trash about the US for example. It’s really just not nice.


It seems that the New York Times also has Romania on its black list. I wonder if they approve my comment. Hmm…

Updated Update

I found a great article on Huffington Post. Ok, so not all Americans are brainwashed. Thank God!

No, really, I feel like a spoilt child. The article is just beautiful and I almost feel like forgiving the Americans all their sins. Almost…


2 Responses to “Someone at BBC must really love Romania”

  1. 1 Ancuta
    February 14, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    I saw that New York Times article. As I am writing I am in tears I seriously cannot stop crying. I am so sick and tired of the media thinking we are some Third World primitive country, and that we have failed at everything. I am in pain serious speaking. Romania is getting better all of the time. We are hardly recognized for our successes in the EU and we have had many and more will come over the coming years.

    I am just shattered emotionally by that article. Fuck the media.

  2. February 15, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    They’re really not worth it. The hell with the bullshit American press anyway! They’re all just fucked up slaves.

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