Is CNN a brainwasher or what

Take a quick look at the CNN site. Right in the middle you see a big column with a big picture with the BIG BULLSHIT NEWS: cloned puppies, Facebook, celebrities. On the left side you see a small column with a small picture with the reallly important news: Senate passes health care reform bill, Ahmadinejad pressed on protests etc.

Ok, maybe not everyone is obsessed with politics, like me, you will say, but isn’t this layout just calling you stupid to your face, for crying out loud?! Isn’t this layout just saying: yeah, this is what the American public wants?! Is it? Really?

Let’s take the case of a young democracy like let’s say… Romania for example. Take any of the major news sites such as: Mediafax or HotNews. What do you see? The important stuff right in your face. For the bullshit you have to dig deeper.

So am I saying that Romania is great and America sucks? No. I’m saying that even the fucked up corrupted media in Romania is better than the fucking CNN. Even the fucked up media in Romania has more respect for the viewer’s intelligence than the CNN. Amen.


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