Al Qa… What???

CNN: “In a marked shift from previous positions, senior Obama administration officials now say they are starting to see an al Qaeda connection to the attempted terror attack on a U.S.-bound airliner.”

SO AL QAEDA? This guy was Al Queda? The same Al Queda which organized an operation such as 911? The same Al Queda, the leader of which could not be caught even by the army and secret services of the most powerful state on earth? I don’t know man, I had more respect for Al Qaeda. This guy could not even blow his pants.

Farouk, you’re a disgrace to the Al Qaeda and to terrorism in general. Yes, and I hope you will remember that the next time those nice CIA agents men sacrifice their time trying to teach you something. Or maybe it was just supposed to be a Christmas scare. Oh, those Al CIAda guys really make me go  up the wall with their psycholology g0ing on there. I don’t know even conceive how to deal with something like that. Oh man… Oh, wow…


1 Response to “Al Qa… What???”

  1. 1 Annette
    January 3, 2010 at 8:44 am

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

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