Why did they kill Mohammadi?

Business Week: “An Iranian physicist was killed today by a remote-controlled bomb outside his Tehran home.”

First some comments about the hit. Obviously the CIA has no style. Ok, so they thought: Middle East country, terorrism, boom bada boom etc. etc. So how do we kill this guy? We blow him up, it will fit perfectly in this place. I just really do not like this kind of rudimentary thinking. Even a sniper shooting would have looked less conspicuous.

What I am wondering however is: who are they trying to fool? The Western public? I’m sure most of them would actually approve such a hit in the name of quieting their anxiety about Iran’s nuclear weapons. What the hell? I think most Americans are buying this anti-terorrism shit with their mouths full so hard that they are willing to close their eyes to just about anything just so they can sleep one more night under the illusion of safety.

The cover up is not so bad but still not perfect. But that’s not their fault. They just haven’t succeeded in owning all the media yet. But all in due time. So, on the one hand this guy was supposedly associated with the Iranian opposition movement. Not bad, making it look like the Iranians did it themselves. But that just doesn’t work very well because the Iranian government declared him some kind of revolutionary martyr, and that just blows everything up.

Another nice touch was the mentioning that he had some contacts with Israeli scientists. So how could they have killed him? He was a friend of Israel! Yeah right. The man simply was an outstanding scientist and participated in some international programs. But bringing this up might mix things up a little and that is enough.

Where they really blew it was a pro-monarchy group claiming responsibility for the attack and then denying it. What on earth are you sponsoring those guys for??? That’s just wasted money, I tell you what. That’s where the budget holes come from!

Nevertheless, the most interesting question for me is: what was Mohammadi actually doing? Was he really a nuclear physicist?  Charles Ferguson, head of the science federation and a U.S. Navy-trained nuclear engineer took a look over his work and said: “There is nothing that immediately pops out at me of a nuclear or even a peaceful nuclear program application. This is stuff that Einstein worked on. It’s very, very specialized theoretical work.”

That’s very interesting. Apparently he wasn’t even in the nuclear weapons program. He was an Einstein type of scientist who, according to British scientists was actually an expert in quantum mechanics. So was he actually involved in something even more dangerous than nuclear weapons? That’s a very interesting possibility, I say. A very interesting one, indeed.


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